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Margret Wintermantel on 10 Years National Academy

Margret Wintermantel on 10 Years National Academy

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“Even 366 years after its founding the work being done at the Leopoldina is more relevant today than ever before. In its role as the German National Academy of Sciences it has enjoyed great success on the international stage while at the same time also serving as a free and independent society of scholars providing policy-guiding statements on political and social issues here at home. I would like to take this opportunity to warmly congratulate on this tenth anniversary. The Leopoldina is a driving force behind the continued development of the German science and research system and in doing so contributes greatly to collaborative solutions for global problems.“


Prof. Dr. Margret Wintermantel

President of the German Academic Exchange Service

As the President of the German Academic Exchange Service, Margret Wintermantel maintains a regular exchange of ideas with the Leopoldina regarding the overall science landscape. Within the framework of the Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany the Leopoldina and DAAD work in conjunction with the other organisations on drafting publications.



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