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The Leopoldina and the Science Council of Japan (SCJ) are working together to increase the mutual visibility of the scientific communities and to intensify the dialogue between academics from both countries. The two institutions also collaborate to provide international policy advice, for instance contributing to the scientific statements for the G7 and G20 summits. The Leopoldina is also involved in the Science and Technology in Society Forum (STS forum).

The Leopoldina has maintained close links with Japan for some time. A number of Japanese academics are members of the Leopoldina, among them 2015 Nobel laureate in physiology or medicine Professor Satoshi Omura.

The Leopoldina’s main partner in Japan is the SCJ, one of the country’s key players in policy advice and science networking. The SCJ reports to the Prime Minister of Japan, but acts autonomously and represents the Japanese academic community in politics and society at the national and international level. SCJ and the Leopoldina collaborate with the other G7 national academies in providing advice to the Heads of State and Government of the G7 countries. SCJ is also involved in preparing joint recommendations for the G20 summits.

The Leopoldina is also involved in the STS forum, a Japanese initiative which aims to bring together representatives from science, politics, and business to address current issues in research and technology development. Leopoldina President Professor (ETHZ) Dr Gerald Haug is a member of the STS forum Council, where he is involved in the agenda-setting process.



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