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Energy Transition 2030 – Key to Climate Protection in Europe

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Energy Transition 2030 – Key to Climate Protection in Europe

With the European Green Deal, the European Union has set itself the goal of operating carbon-neutral by 2050. An important element of this commitment is an energy transition away from the use of fossil energy carriers towards the generation and use of renewable energies. In the current energy system, greenhouse gas emissions are the largest driving factor of climate change. For the energy transition to succeed, “no-regret” measures, the introduction of a standard cross-sector CO₂ price, including a minimum price, and comprehensive changes to the infrastructure are necessary.

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Energy Transition Technologies

The transformation of the energy system requires “no-regret” measures that must be implemented without delay. 

CO₂ Price and Changes in Infrastructure

A cross-sectoral CO₂ price and comprehensive changes in infrastructure are the most important fields of action.

Publications about the Topic

The Leopoldina has published on the topics of climate change and the energy system in various formats.

Experts on the Topic

Scientists from various disciplines are working on the topic of energy transition. (German)




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