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Leopoldina's Main Building

Leopoldina's Main Building

The Leopoldina Main Building in Halle (Saale). © Image: Markus Scholz for the Leopoldina

Its new central location in Halle (Saale) has raised the Leopoldina’s public profile. The spacious banquet room on the first floor can accommodate international conferences and festive events with up to 380 participants. The Academy also has a second auditorium with a capacity of 170 and several seminar rooms that it uses for symposia and public lectures.

The building’s architecture reflects its fascinating history. It incorporates different architectural styles that testify to the changing zeitgeist and its previous owners’ ambition and desire to impress. Two examples of the repeated restructuring and expansion projects are the conversion of the west wing into a banquet room in 1867 and the extensive restructuring of the eastern wing in 1889.