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Vaccinations – Effective Protection against Infectious Diseases

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Vaccinations – Effective Protection against Infectious Diseases

Vaccinations are the most effective means of protection against infectious diseases. Measles, mumps, and rabies have been contained with vaccinations, and smallpox has even been eradicated. Research, development, and production of a vaccine present a scientific challenge where its efficacy, safety, and tolerability must be guaranteed in the end. During a pandemic, this process resembles a race against time. Vaccination serves to protect the community because everyone benefits from herd immunity.

More about the topic

Any vaccine is thoroughly tested before approval. It is vital that the population has confidence in the vaccination.


During a pandemic, vaccines must be developed quickly. There is also the question of who gets vaccinated first.


Leopoldina members intensively exchange information on the topic of vaccination.


Scientists from various disciplines are working on the topic of vaccinations. (German)




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