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Mentoring Program

The Leopoldina fellowship program also includes a mentoring program. Participation is voluntary for all scholarship holders.

The Mentoring consists of the Leopoldina recommending an Academy member (mentor) from the appropriate section to the scholarship holders (mentees) on request and arranging for them to be available for mentoring. This is possible for both the postdoctoral students abroad and the returnees. It serves to promote the individual's professional development while maintaining academic independence.

Implementation options

    • The mentee proposes a Leopoldina member as a mentor, with whom he or she has already reached an agreement.
    • The award committee recruits suitable mentors upon application by the scholarship holders. As a rule, these will be the Leopoldina members supporting the application or other academics proposed by representatives of the sections concerned.
    • Former Leopoldina scholarship holders with suitable professional qualifications may also be appointed as mentors by the award committee.

    The award committee will confirm the proposed mentor-mentee relationship. Mentors can provide direct and indirect assistance through individual advice and referrals to contact persons at institutes and in the industry. The Leopoldina sponsorship program can contribute to the implementation of the program with limited travel expenses for the mentee and the mentor.


    • Mentees receive supporting expert opinions, assessments or references from their mentor.
    • Mentees are invited by their mentor to attend subject-specific conferences.
    • Mentees may be temporarily integrated into the mentor's organizations.
    • Mentees have a permanent contact with their home country’s scientific community during their research project abroad.
    • The personal contact between mentor and mentee is maintained.
    • The Leopoldina supports former scholarship holders within the follow-up funding, the mentor is involved as well.
    • The Leopoldina offers an annual meeting of former and current scholarship recipients in conjunction with the respective meetings of the Academy's classes.
    • The Leopoldina supports returning scholarship holders in their search for a job in Germany.
    • The Academy invites former research fellows to relevant specialist conferences organized by the Leopoldina.
    • Research fellows receive support and training to further develop the skills needed in their field.




    PD Dr. Andreas Clausing

    Coordinator of the Fellowship Programme

    Phone 0345 47 239 - 150
    Fax 0345 47 239 - 139
    E-Mail andreas.clausing (at)leopoldina.org