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The stocks of the library can be accessed and researched on monitors. All literature received after 1992 is digitally catalogued. Prior inventory is available as a scanned card catalogue. Additionally, a classic card index system is available in the library.

All stocks received after 1992 can be viewed via the Online Public Access Catalogue OPAC. Cataloguing of older stocks for the network catalogues is in preparation. Electronic ordering, reservation or extension is not possible. The new acquisitions of the ongoing and previous months are listed here.
Online OPAC Holdings

Older stocks can also be found in the central catalogues of Saxony-Anhalt (Zentralkataloge von Sachsen-Anhalt, ZK) where the Leopoldina Library is listed with the outlines Ha2 or SA 1,4. Classic card index systems with alphabetical and systematic registration are also available in the library.
ZK Sachsen-Anhalt

The Common Union Catalogue (GVK) is the freely accessible section of the union database K10plus of the GBV and the SWB with materials relevant for the interlibrary loan of the GBV. The Joint Union Catalogue (GVK) holds more than 72.6 million titles with more than 183.0 million proofs of ownership of books, journals, articles, congress reports, microforms, electronic documents, electronic storage media, music, maps, etc. from approx. 1,110 GBV and SWB libraries. In addition, the journal references all subito-supplying libraries from Germany and Austria as well as other German university libraries.
GVK Website

The KVK – Karlsruher virtueller Katalog – offers the opportunity to research library and commercial catalogues in Germany and abroad.
KVK Website

The ZDB – Zeitschriftendatenbank – with more than 1.7 million journal titles is the world's largest data base offering titles and stock records of publication series such as journals and newspapers.
ZDB Website

The EZB – elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek – lists electronic scientific journals with full text access.
EZB Website




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