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The Leopoldina is active on Facebook and Twitter. We also offer RSS feeds. This will ensure that you are always up to date with press releases, news, event announcements, and publications.


We are looking forward to interacting with you via social media on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube! If you would like to post comments on our pages or our reports, please observe the following rules:

Please discuss in a respectful, friendly, fair, and objective manner at all times.
The editorial staff reserves the right to delete comments and posts with content that is offensive, insulting, harmful to minors, discriminatory, politically or religiously extreme, pornographic, punishable or otherwise unacceptable.

Rights of third parties (e.g. personal rights, copyright, data protection etc.) must not be violated. Discussions are not the place for advertisements and other commercial materials. Equally undesirable are constant repetitions of the same content, unnecessarily long comments and contributions that have no connection to our site or the respective topics.

Violations of these rules and the general terms and conditions of the platform operators will be reported to the operator and, if necessary, reported to the police.

Thank you very much!



Dr. Jonas Traudes

Online Editor / Social Media Press and Public Relations

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