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History of the Library

History of the Library

In 1731, the Leopoldina’s fifth president, Johann Jakob Baier (1677-1735), founded the Academy library in Nuremberg. Material published by the members, and journals received from other societies via exchange, form the most extensive part of the collection.

The stockroom of the building the Academy moved into in 1904 (Halle is the sixth place the library has been accommodated in, and there were removals within the different towns as well) was designed for 100 years, thus in 2000, it reached the limits of its capacity.

Together with the University library, the Academy library building still forms an architectural unit today, which is not incidental. With its novel skeleton structure, the Halle University library, which was explicitly designed as a functional building, was rightly regarded as the most modern library construction in the whole of Germany when it was built in 1880, and the Leopoldina applied the same concept to its buildings twenty years later. So in the townscape of Halle, the ensemble, which has since been excellently restored, is also a symbol of the plain, practical but nevertheless impressive style of the libraries in that era.





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