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The joint activities of the Leopoldina and the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities enable the continuous dialogue on latest research in various scientific fields, on scientific advice to politics and citizens, on the promotion of early-career scientists as well as on research policy and bilateral Israeli-German relations.

Both National Academies are nurturing a trustful relationship underpinned by a “Memorandum of Strategic Partnership” signed in Jerusalem, in June 2022. It replaces the hitherto existing “Memorandum of Understanding” from December 2013.

Israel is one of the leading science nations globally. Its state universities, the vibrant innovation and entrepreneurship sphere, and research and development activities funded by private and state investors make up Israel’s science, innovation and tech ecosystem. The members of the Israel Academy belong to the nation’s most outstanding scholars, some of them being Nobel laureates.

Israel’s and Germany’s National Academies regularly organise scientific meetings of different formats. One particular example is in the field of neuroscience, where a symposium series has become tradition, with seven biannual meetings already held. Further undertakings in the fields of energy research and climate change, respectively evolutionary anthropology are currently being planned.



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