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Pandemics: Emergence, Spread, Containment

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Pandemics: Emergence, Spread, Containment

There have always been pandemics: The plague and the Spanish flu with millions of deaths, later AIDS, and now COVID-19. These infectious diseases originate mainly from pathogens that are transmitted from animals to humans. Our globalized and industrialized living conditions also play a part. If a pandemic spreads worldwide, we have to react quickly. Health institutions, science, and society are called upon to do so.

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Institutions such as the WHO and the RKI play an important part in controlling and containing pandemics.


Research is developing methods to detect infections and vaccines against the pathogens.


To curb the spread of new diseases society can learn from the past to prepare for the future.


The Leopoldina publishes on the topic of pandemics and infectious diseases in various formats.


Videos and event recordings on the topic of pandemics on the Leopoldina YouTube channel.

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The Leopoldina has published several ad hoc-statements on the coronavirus pandemic.




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