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Equal Opportunity Commissioner of the Leopoldina

The Leopoldina is committed to achieving equality between women and men in its business offices and eliminating any existing disadvantages based on gender, in particular for women. Furthermore, it seeks to prevent future disadvantages and continue to improve family orientation and the balance between family, caregiving and career for women and men.

The Equal Opportunities Commissioner

The equal opportunities commissioner of the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina is responsible for promoting and monitoring the above-mentioned Leopoldina goals of equal opportunities. He/she is involved in all personnel, organizational and social measures relating to equality of women and men, the compatibility of work and family life and protection against sexual harassment at the workplace. In this sense, he/she also provides advice and support for individual employees.

Equal Opportunities Commissioner: Jana Friedrich
Berlin Office
Reinhardtstraße 14
10117 Berlin
Phone: +49 (030) 241 8987 - 472
E-Mail: gleichstellungsbeauftragte@leopoldina.org or gleichstellung-friedrich@leopoldina.org

Deputy Equal Opportunities Commissioner: Lisa Eggert
Centre for Science Studies
Emil-Abderhalden-Str. 36
06108 Halle (Saale)
Phone: +49 (0)345 472 39 - 117
E-Mail: gleichstellungsbeauftragte@leopoldina.org bzw. gleichstellung-eggert@leopoldina.org

Procedural Regulations on Equality

Dealing with the issue of gender equality at the Leopoldina is regulated in the “Procedural Regulations on Equality of Men and Women in the Business Offices of the German Academy of Natural Scientists Leopoldina e. V. - National Academy of Sciences”. Procedural Regulations (PDF)

Flexible Working Hours at the Leopoldina

The Leopoldina is offering a more flexible work schedule. It is a flextime model without core working hours, which among other things allows improving the work-life balance. After prior consultation and in accordance with the company's needs, the employees of the Academy may flexibly divide their working hours and make use of mobile working hours as well. Wishes to reduce or increase working hours for family reasons are also granted wherever possible.

Reimbursement of Childcare Costs

The Leopoldina regards itself as a family-friendly institution supporting measures aimed at improving the compatibility of family life and career. All active participants in Leopoldina's public and non-public events are therefore offered reimbursement of childcare costs and travel expenses for accompanying caregivers and/or assistance in organizing care. For more information, please contact the respective organizational unit.

Gender-sensitive Language Guide

The Leopoldina undertakes to linguistically express equality between women and men in its general provisions and its printed and digital publications. Therefore a guide on the use of gender-sensitive language has been compiled. Guide (PDF)



Jana Friedrich

Secretary Presidential Office, Equal Opportunities Officer

Phone 030 - 241 8987 - 472
Fax 030 - 241 8987 - 477
E-Mail jana.friedrich (at)leopoldina.org



Lisa Eggert

Scientific Officer, Focus on Digital Humanities, Deputy Equal Opportunities Officer

Phone 0345 - 472 39 - 117
E-Mail lisa.eggert (at)leopoldina.org