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  • Foto: Markus Scholz für die Leopoldina

    News | Friday, 23 September 2022

    The Leopoldina Annual Assembly looks at ways of achieving global health and equity

    Cooperation among many disciplines is required to improve the health situation and equity of all people worldwide. At its two-day Annual Assembly 2022, which will begin today in Halle (Saale)/Germany, the German National Academy of ...

  • New issue of the Leopoldina newsletter

    News | Friday, 16 September 2022

    New issue of the Leopoldina newsletter

    In the new issue of the Leopoldina Newsletter, Lothar H. Wieler, Leopoldina member and acting head of the Global Health Section, talks about this year's Leopoldina Annual Assembly on global health, the lessons of the pandemic and the ...

  • Image: Adobe Stock | Feodora

    News | Tuesday, 6 September 2022

    Leopoldina Annual Assembly dedicated to global health

    The aim of global health is to improve the situation of and equity for the entire global population with respect to health. This requires collaboration among numerous disciplines, as the field of global health comprises not just medical ...

  • Photo: 2018 IIT

    News | Thursday, 1. September 2022

    Materials scientist Francesca Santoro receives the Leopoldina Early Career Award 2022

    The Leopoldina Early Career Award 2022, donated by the Commerzbank Foundation and valued at 30,000 euros, has been awarded to materials scientist and biomedical engineer Prof. Dr. Francesca Santoro. With this prize, the German National ...

  • Image: Sisters of Design

    News | Tuesday, 26 July 2022

    Leopoldina recommends establishing Earth System Science in Germany

    In order to understand the Earth as one system and find effective solutions for global challenges, German Geosciences need to be modernised with Earth System Science as the future operating framework. This is the recommendation made ...

  • Image: Maxim Grebeshkov / Adobe Stock

    News | Wednesday, 20 July 2022

    Leopoldina supports scientists from Ukraine

    Scientists, research institutions and universities have been severely affected by the illegal Russian war against Ukraine. Thousands of scientists have fled the country, mainly to Poland, Germany and overseas. Many have been mobilised ...

  • Image: William Bateson via Wikimedia Commons

    News | Thursday, 7 July 2022

    Leopoldina celebratory symposium on the 200th birthday of Gregor Mendel

    The Mendelian rules of inheritance, named after the Augustinian monk Gregor Mendel, are the foundation of modern genetics. His experiments with crossing peas in the Brno monastery garden have been the subject of many schoolbooks and ...

  • Photo: Maxim Grebeshkov / Adobe Stock

    News | Monday, 13 June 2022

    Leopoldina and other academies support Ukrainian researchers

    Ukrainian scientists will receive increased support in the future to continue their research despite the impact of the ongoing invasion by Russian forces. At a meeting in Warsaw, a 10-point plan was developed for this purpose, which ...

  • New issue of the Leopoldina newsletter

    News | Friday, 10 June 2022

    New issue of the Leopoldina newsletter

    The new issue of the Leopoldina Newsletter has been published. This time with a review of the Science7 Dialogue Forum, where the G7 science academies published four statements on the G7 summit. Also: On the occasion of the Ukraine ...

  • Photo: David Ausserhofer for the Leopoldina

    News | Tuesday, 31 May 2022

    Science academies publish statements ahead of the G7 summit

    The science academies of the G7 states are calling for urgent international action to protect the ocean and polar regions and to accelerate decarbonisation. In the healthcare sector, scientists demand increased global pandemic preparedness ...




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