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In the Members’ General Assembly, the Presidium disseminates information among members and the members deliberate the objectives and the development of the Academy. The Members’ General Assembly meets as provided for in the Statutes and in exceptional circumstances. Usually, members meet every two years, and the Members’ General Meeting is held on the occasion of the Biennial Assemblies (Jahresversammlungen). The Members’ General Meeting decides on revisions of the Statutes, as prepared and proposed by the Senate.

Academy members belong to specialised sections, which are grouped into four classes. Introduced in 2009, this grouping of sections into classes fosters discussion between the disciplines and allows members to assume a more active role in the drafting of statements and recommendations.  The four classes focus on the natural sciences, the life sciences, the medical sciences, and the humanities and social and behavioural sciences. They also provide the framework for international exchange and the selection of new members.  The Leopoldina’s annual assemblies provide a forum for all the Academy’s members.


Statutes of the Leopoldina (pdf, status: 17th September 2015):





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