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Commission of Experts for Research and Innovation

The Commission of Experts for Research and Innovation (EFI) consists of 6 scientists who have specific expertise and experience in the field of innovation research. Their task is to provide scientific advice to the German government.

Since 2015, Stifterverband, the Leopoldina, and EFI have jointly organized the Research Summit with support from the Volkswagen Foundation. As an interdisciplinary forum, it promotes dialog and networking. The summit has brought stakeholders from science, business, civil society, and politics together annually since 2015 to discuss answers to current issues and challenges in research and innovation policy.

The EFI was founded in 2006 and regularly presents expert assessments on Germany's research, innovation, and technological performance. It bundles the interdisciplinary discourse related to innovation research of economics and social sciences, the economics of education, engineering and natural sciences, as well as technology foresight.



PD Dr. Stefan Artmann

Head of Presidential Office

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