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Leopoldina Journalist Collegium

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Artificial intelligence, surrogacy, genetic engineering - these buzzwords trigger broad social debates. Such discourses demand both, the voice of science and the voice of the media. The Leopoldina journalist collegium links both sides, communicates scientific findings and facilitates joint discussions on the opportunities and benefits of research.

The Leopoldina Journalist Collegium 2019 deals with the question "What is artificial intelligence capable of and what is it not?" On the one hand, the seminar conveys the scientific background of AI as a branch of computer science associated with such disciplines as psychology, logic, neurosciences, linguistics, physiology, but also with technical-, material- and engineering sciences, robotics, and energy technology. At the same time, the current fields of application of AI are introduced and described.

In the three-day seminar at the research center in Jülich scientists and journalists will engage in direct conversations, research tours, interviews and comprehensive discussions from October 10th through 12th. The central format is the debate in the House of Commons on the fundamentals of human and machine intelligence, on the opportunities and applications of artificial intelligence and on the consequences of an AI-based society. In this relatively new format of science communication, renowned researchers explain their positions in detail and discuss them with journalists and a specialist audience. All participants will then have the opportunity to clarify their opinions by choosing and changing seats accordingly.

Journalistenkolleg 2019

Termin: 10. bis 12. Oktober 2019
Ort: Forschungszentrum Jülich
Information: presse@leopoldina.org
Das Journalistenkolleg richtet sich an Medien. Die Teilnahme erfolgt auf Einladung.



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