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Western Balkans Process – 5th Joint Science Conference

More 'Western Balkans Process – 5th Joint Science Conference'

Conference of the national stakeholders of the education and science systems in the framework of the Western Balkans Process

Date: Tuesday, 28 to Thursday, 30 May 2019
Location: The Royal Society, 6-9 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5AG, United Kingdom

The 5th Joint Science Conference of the Western Balkans Process / Berlin Process is organised jointly by the Royal Society of the United Kingdom and the Leopoldina, with the kind support of the German Embassy in London, the Polish Embassy in London and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Poland holds the presidency of the Berlin Process during 2019.

The conference brings together around 60 high-level representatives of national academies of sciences and arts, rectors’ conferences and leading universities and research organisations as well as distinguished scientists and science managers invited ad personam from the 16 Berlin Process countries. The programme also features a political outreach together with the London-based embassies of the involved countries and with senior government and European Commission representatives. Participation is only possible upon invitation.

The conference will prepare formal recommendations to the Heads of State and Government meeting at the Western Balkans Summit in Poznań on 5 July 2019. Entitled “Fresh Expectations for Research and Education across Europe”, the conference focusses on two topics, both with an array of questions.

1. The responsibility of science
How to redefine the societal role of scientists, intellectuals and scholars of the higher education system? How can science contribute to shaping change processes in the Western Balkans and South East Europe? And how can it advance European integration in times of change? What are the means and ways of science to contribute to reconciliation and rapprochement in South East Europe? What is the power of science today?

2. Communicating science
How can scientists and the science system better communicate the findings and contents of their work? What are the challenges for science communication in the digital era? How can society animate critical thinking, interest for research and higher education, and fact-based dialogue? What does society expect from science and how this is being communicated? How to establish country-specific mechanisms of scientific advice to political decision-makers and the public? How to make scientific advice more effective?


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