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Member in Focus | Monday, 1. April 2019

Ole Petersen awarded the Horace W Davenport Distinguished Lectureship

Ole Petersen awarded the Horace W Davenport Distinguished Lectureship

The American Physiological Society (the world's largest and most important Physiological Society with over 10000 members) has announced that Prof Ole Petersen ML has been awarded the Society's Horace W Davenport Distinguished Lectureship (sponsored by the Society's Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology Section) and that the one-hour Award Lecture will be given at Experimental Biology (EB) 2013, which will be held at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, 20 - 24 April.

The lecture on 'Calcium signal mechanisms in epithelial cells: roles in physiology and pathology' will be delivered on Tuesday afternoon 23 April 2013. EB is the world's largest annual general biology congress and attendance at EB2013 is estimated to be ~15000. The Chair of the American Physiological Society's Gastrointestinal & Liver Section, Prof Marshall Montrose, states that "the Horace W Davenport Distinguished Lectureship is the most prestigious recognition offered by the Gastrointestinal & Liver Section of the American Physiological Society" and that "the award recognizes distinguished lifetime achievement in gastrointestinal and liver physiological research".

The Davenport Lecture is generally given by top US investigators and has only previously been delivered by two European scientists, namely by the late Sir James Black, King's College London (Nobel Laureate) in 1994 and by Prof Geoff Burnstock, University College London in 2001.



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