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News | Friday, 25 November 2022

New issue of the Leopoldina newsletter

New issue of the Leopoldina newsletter

The new issue of the Leopoldina Newsletter has been published. This time with a review of the statement “Brain Organoids – Model Systems of the Human Brain”, which was published in October. In addition, the winners of the first Leopoldina Greve Prize, Kerstin Volz and Jürgen Janek, are introduced. Also: In an interview, marine biologist Antje Boetius talks about science communication and policy advice.


In October, the Leopoldina published the statement “Brain Organoids – Model Systems of the Human Br ain”. It focuses on the perspectives and limits of research on tissue structures derived from stem cells as well as ethical and legal aspects. More on Pages 8 and 9

Kerstin Volz and Jürgen Janek have been jointly awarded the first Leopoldina Greve Prize. This year the prize is awarded in recognition of outstanding achievements in the field of “Scientific Foundations of a Sustainable Energy Supply”. The physicist Kerstin Volz from Philipps University Marburg/Germany and the chemist Jürgen Janek from the Justus Liebig University of Gießen/Germany have been working closely together for many years in the field of scientific foundations of high-performance batteries. More on Pages 10 and 11

Every two years, the Stifterverband and the Leopoldina award the Carl-Friedrichvon- Weizsäcker-Prize worth 50,000 euros. It honours researchers who have made a scientific contribution to solving important challenges in society. This year’s prize winner is marine biologist Antje Boetius. In her interview she talks of her fascination for the subject and why she has become involved in policy advice and science communication. More on Page 7

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