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German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina - Guidelines for advising policymakers and society

(2014, 40 pages)

How do the Leopoldina working groups function? How does the Leopoldina identify socially relevant topics? Which criteria are used to select members of the working groups? And how is the independence of a working group ensured? These and other questions are answered in the guidelines for advising policymakers and society.

As well as outlining the general principles of advising policymakers and society, the guidelines explain the seven phases in the working group process from the idea to publication and beyond: 1) Idea and Concept, 2) Discussion and Decision to Set Up a Working Group, 3) Detailed Planning, 4) Work Phase, 5) External Reviews, 6) Publication and 7) Follow-up Activities. The guidelines also present various publication formats.

Answers to frequently asked questions about the provision of “science-based advice to policymakers and society” can be found in the final pages of the guidelines.



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