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Human Rights and Refugees

No. 415

Published by Hans-Peter Zenner (Tübingen) and Alenka Šelih (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

(2017, 75 pages, 20.5 Euro, ISBN: 978-3-8047-3704-4, ISSN: 0369-5034)

The Human Rights Committee (HRC) was established in 2001 and consists of members of the Leopoldina from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The HRC assists scientists and scholars, students and their lawyers around the world who are subjected to repression, mainly by writing letters to high rank government officials and sometimes visiting imprisoned scientists and scholars. The symposium “Human Rights and Refugees” in September 2016 was jointly organized by the HRC, the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SASA) and the Slovenian Migration Institute at the Research Centre of the SASA. The discussion was centred on the human rights dimension in the study of the latest refugee crisis in Europe, the handling of migration flows as well as the integration of refugees. In addition, the meeting debated efforts of science and research organizations in providing support for oppressed and asylum seeking scientists in Europe.


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