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Science Year 2015 - City of the Future

Science Year 2015 - City of the Future

Cities are the central place for the development of a sustainable way of life. In Germany, two out of three people reside there. Cities account for three quarters of Germanys total energy con-sumption and 70 percent of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. Citizens are the key players in the implementation of sustainable urban development. In the “Science Year 2015 - City of the Future“, concrete discussions on the major societal challenges were held in the cities.

Topics included housing, work, leisure/culture, education, mobility, utilization of space, and international diversity. On the Leopoldina-Night of July 3, 2015, experts discussed the future of urban living with citizens of the city of Halle. The participants were able to submit their ideas for the future city of Halle in advance to the local newspaper “Mitteldeutsche Zeitung“. During the scientific night café “Live better, live healthier: How do we shape our future in Halle?“ introductory impulse speeches were given by two experts and several proposals were discussed in a coffeehouse atmosphere afterwards.



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