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Back issues of Leopoldina news can be found here. You may subscribe to the newsletter by clicking the link on the right. The Leopoldina Newsletter keeps you informed on central topics and activities of the Academy. These are primarily statements and recommendations of the science-based policy advice as well as cooperations and events in Germany and worldwide.


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  • Leopoldina news 01/2017

    Content: Future Prize goes to carbon concrete – German president Joachim Gauck honours Leopoldina member Manfred Curbach Further Topics: Innovation and risk-taking culture – Experts meet at third Re...

  • Leopoldina news 06/2016

    Content: The challenges posed by Agenda 2030 – the role of science in sustainable development Further Topics: Research for a peaceful society – Honours for Maggie Schauer and Thomas ElbertThe causes...

  • Leopoldina news 05/2016

    Content: The Sciences in Intercultural Dialogue ‒ Annual Assembly at the Leopoldina in Halle (Saale) Further Topics: Genome editing in Germany and Korea ‒ Joint symposium with partner academyOn the...

  • Leopoldina news 04/2016

    Content: Current achievements in life sciences ‒ Lecture and Symposium in Class I Further Topics: Population-based longitudinal studies ‒ Academies publish recommendationsThe Sciences in Intercultu...

  • Leopoldina news 03/2016

    Content: Digitisation in focus ‒ Research summit: Experts from science, politics and business discuss the challenges of the digital revolution Further Topics: European academies celebrate jubilee ‒...

  • Leopoldina news 02/2016



    Content: Tracking down memory ‒ Interview with Nobel laureate Eric Kandel ML about prions, the Aplysia sea slug and more, Lecture on 27 May in Berlin Further Topics: How much outside help do we need...

  • Leopoldina news 01/2016



    Content: Overview of the coming year at the Leopoldina  ─ 2016: Intercultural dialogue in the spotlight at the Annual Assembly; second research summit; advice on handling security-relevant resear...

  • Leopoldina news 06/2015



    Content: Looking into living cells - Chemistry Nobel laureate Stefan Hell gives this year’s Leopoldina Christmas Lecture Further Topics: Healthcare for asylum seekers: Academies publish statementChe...

  • Leopoldina news 05/2015


    Content: Symmetry and Asymmetry in Science and Art ─ Leopoldina Annual Assembly focuses on an interdisciplinary topic The opportunities and limits of genome editing ─ How to approach a new technology...

  • Leopoldina news 04/2015


    Content: Symmetry and asymmetry in science and art. The Leopoldina 2015 Annual Assembly in Halle in september Detect – understand – treat? Class III symposium – MedicineHow are environment and health...



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