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NAL-live: The Leopoldina’s new scientific journal

The Leopoldina’s scientific journals, Nova Acta Leopoldina (NAL) and Acta Historica Leopoldina (AHL), are now completed by “NAL-live”. In this new publishing format, the intention is to comment on, discuss and update articles on a continuous basis, thus creating so-called living documents.

NAL-live makes its articles freely accessible online (open access), with all publications written in English. The Leopoldina does not charge any fees, neither to authors nor to readers or libraries. Authors submit scientific articles with a focus on interdisciplinary topics that have a high degree of social relevance. The articles undergo a peer review process and are published under Creative Commons licenses. Both the authors and other scientists can refine and develop them. The documents thus represent open scientific discussions. In undergoing constant updating, the texts will also offer a source of fundamental information on the respective issues for those working in politics and the media.

Diethard Tautz has taken up the office of Director Ephemeridum, as the Academy’s Chief Editor of Nova Acta and Acta Historica Leopoldina is traditionally known. Working alongside him on NAL live are editors from all four of the Leopoldina’s classes. Prof. Dr. Gerd Leuchs ML (Class I: Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Engineering), Prof. Dr. Alfred Wittinghofer ML (Class II: Life Sciences), Prof. Dr. Ulf Eysel ML (Class III: Medicine) and Prof. Dr. Christine Windbichler ML (Class IV: Humanities, Social and Behavioural Sciences).

The link box on the right provides all relevant information for prospective authors and links to the journal website and the discussion platform.

The series Nova Acta Leopoldina deals with all disciplines represented in the Leopoldina. It continues the tradition of the world’s first journal of natural science and medicine, initiated by Philipp Jakob Sachs von Lewenhaimb, a physician in Breslau (Wrocław), in 1670. With its extensive articles, supplemented by elaborate figures and tables, it stood out from comparable journals of its time.



Dr. Renko Geffarth

Editorial Manager

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Prof. Dr. Diethard Tautz

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