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The Global Arctic: The Sustainability of Communities in the Context of Changing Ocean Systems (2018)

G-Science Academies Statement 2018

(2018, 4 Seiten)

The Arctic is being profoundly transformed by climate change. This has implications on terrestrial and marine ecosystems, affecting those who live on and from them. It is time to develop a shared scientific vision to protect these vital ecosystems as best we can, produce science for evidence based decision-making and enhance collaborative scientific investigations of these issues. The G7 Academies propose the following:

  • Research cooperation relying on augmented interdisciplinary research supported by large scale international science initiatives in combination with cooperative decision-making among Arctic nations;
  • Training individuals from a diversity of fields and backgrounds, including those residing in the Arctic, to ensure the necessary scientific capacity to address global and local issues;
  • Accessible, usable and timely science databases that can be shared among all stakeholders and decision makers;
  • Programs on remote sensing linked with in-situ monitoring activities integrating sustained highinclination satellite missions, new technologies for underwater measurements and regionally integrated in-situ monitoring that incorporates local knowledge.


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