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Science Year 2016*17 - Seas and Oceans

Science Year 2016*17 - Seas and Oceans

Seas and oceans cover two-thirds of the earth's surface. They form a system of which we only know a small part. Every expedition therefore leads to new insights. The use of maritime resources and the influence of mankind on the seas and their ecosystems is the focus of the “Science Year 2016*17 - Seas and Oceans”.

“Discover, Use, Protect” is the science year´s motto: The worlds´ seas are extremely important, not just as sources of food and raw materials, but also for the climate and ecosystem of the earth. Despite that, the deep-sea regions in particular are still largely unexplored. What technologies do scientists use to look for unknown life forms and to learn more about the ocean floor? What can be done about the littering of the oceans? How can we avoid overfishing? And what does the acidification of the seas due to rising carbon dioxide content of the air mean for marine organisms?

Numerous events are dedicated to these questions throughout Germany. The Leopoldina will also take part in the “2016*17 Year of Science - Seas and Oceans“ with various event formats.



Elmar König

Head of Department Science – Policy – Society, Head of Berlin Office

Phone 030 203 8997 - 865
E-Mail elmar.koenig (at)leopoldina.org