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Georg Uschmann Award for the History of Science

Georg Uschmann Award for the History of Science

In 2021 Caterina Schürch received the Georg Uschmann Award for the History of Science.

A prize founded by Ilse and Eugen Seibold in 1997 and awarded every other year to students, who have written outstanding dissertations, a subsequent publication or a doctoral thesis on a theme related to the history of science or medicine. It is endowed with up to €2,000 and upon the founders wish in 2005, conferred solely for outstanding dissertations.

Year Laureate City Discipline
2023 Dr. Josephine Musil-Gutsch (born 1992) Munich Wissenschaftsgeschichte
2021 Caterina Schürch (born 1989) Munich Wissenschaftsgeschichte
2019 Linda Richter (born 1988) Frankfurt/Main Wissenschaftsgeschichte
2017 Gunthild Peters (born 1985) Berlin Mathematikgeschichte
2015 Nils Güttler (born 1980) Zurich Wissenschaftsgeschichte
2013 Elisabeth Rinner (born 1981) Berlin
2011 Viola Kristin Balz (born 1973) Berlin
2009 Milena Wazeck (born 1977) Berlin
2007 Matthias Schemmel (born 1969) Berlin
2005 Gerhard Rammer (born 1972) Wuppertal
2003 Carsten Reinhardt (born 1966) Regensburg
2001 Torsten Rüting (born 1959) Hamburg
1999 Klaus Hentschel (born 1961) Göttingen



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