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Thieme Award of the Leopoldina for Medicine

Thieme Award of the Leopoldina for Medicine

A prize awarded since 2007 to junior scientists whose research has produced significant new findings on the aetiology, pathogenesis, treatment or prevention of human diseases. The Stuttgart-based scientific and medical publisher Thieme endows the prize with €15,000, which the winner can use to fund their own independent research.

Year Laureate City Discipline
2015 Sonja Schrepfer (born 1974) Hamburg Immunologie
2013 Regine Mühlfriedel (born 1974) Tübingen
2013 Stylianos Michalakis (born 1975) Munich
2011 Ronald Wolf Munich
2009 Bodo Grimbacher London (UK)
2007 Robert Thimme Freiburg



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