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Prof. Dr.

Diane Mathis

Wahljahr: 2007
Sektion: Mikrobiologie und Immunologie
Stadt: Boston, MA, USA
Land: USA


Our lab works in the field of T cell differentiation and autoimmunity, with a special emphasis on exploiting the most advanced transgenic and gene-targeting technology to engineer new mouse models. Studies on T cell differentiation focus on selection of the T cell repertoire in the thymus and cellular and molecular influences on T cell survival in the periphery. Studies on autoimmunity explore the immunological mechanisms of diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and APECED. Major questions tackled are what initiates these diseases, how is their progression regulated, and what are the final effector mechanisms. In addition, modern genetic and genomic approaches are used to identify disease-modifying genes in both human patients and mouse models. The application of computational and bioinformatic strategies to these and other issues is actively pursued. Lastly, we have been engaged in a collaborative effort to develop and apply novel whole-mouse imaging strategies to immunological problems.




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