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Understanding, Protecting, and Developing Global Brain Resources (2016)

G-Science Academies Statement 2016


(2016, 2 Seiten)

The human brain is civilization’s most precious resource. Investment in brain science is, therefore, an investment in the future of society, and nations must cooperate to understand, protect, and foster optimal development of the brain.

To cultivate global brain resources, the G-Science Academies propose four Objectives, to be pursued in parallel, where strategic support for neuroscience will benefit society:

  • (1) Support fundamental research with international collaboration;
  • (2) Establish global programs for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of brain disorders;
  • (3) Promote theoretical modeling of the brain and the development of brain-based artificial intelligence; and
  • (4) Integrate neuroscience with the social and behavioral sciences to improve education and life management as essential components of a brain-aware society.


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